Good intentions

When the new year has started, we automatically have good intentions. One stops drinking, the other stops smoking, we want to lose this much weight and that one thing should be done better than last year. I make good intentions throughout the year, but it seemed appropriate to me, with the start of Crocheticipation, to make some more good intentions with regard to crochet. So here my 3 main intentions for next year.

More beautiful crochet meetings

I do not remember why I started writing blogs. Probably on a whim, as I often have of those things, which later gets out of hand. But what I do know for sure is why I continue writing. Because I met so many incredibly great people in the past year, with even more beautiful stories that have to be told. And in the coming year, I hope not only to meet even more beautiful people, but especially to share the stories with even more people. Because I think that crocheting is something that connects, people who would never meet. I look forward incredibly to doing this, and the more reason to fulfill this good intention.

Everything is better when you are together

Finish the Persian Tiles blanket

Occasionally I come across such a pattern that I know I have to make. Just because it still lurks around in my head for weeks afterwards, I just do not get the picture out of my mind. Similarly with the blanket of the Persian Tiles. So last year I bought the yarn. I’ve already made quite some progress and at the end of the year I really want to have it on my bed. Fortunately, I also have a few series ready to bingewatch and outside it is still too cold and too gray to do nice things. I say, the key to success!

Finish the pattern for my new cardigan

I am in love, just with the colors to start with

One of the things that gives me the most energy is to work out those nice ideas that are once in your head. Unfortunately, that takes so much time. It is great to see how something follows after each tour. But from there you just have to know how the next round turns out. And unfortunately, my designs have not really been things that you can make in 1 day – a small exception left there. So it takes a while to work out everything. So you will not miss this year that I am quite a horse girl. But even more important, with the beautiful yarn of Linie 164 Java I am making one of the most beautiful things I have ever thought of – or so I think. With this beautiful shiny cotton I am making a nice cardigan with different structures. A real eye-catcher and I can not wait until it is finished and I can share it with you.In short, I already see it happening. That will be locked up for weeks at home and crocheting and writing everything.

So: crochet hook at the ready? Crochet on!

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