In the beginning

Writing has never really been my cup of tea. Anyway, I once said that about crochet. And see this. I come from a family where we always did something creative. My mother always sat with her embroidery on the couch in the evening. In the house there is really no decent place left to find more to hang a big work. But on Sunday it was always a party. Then came the 3D sheets, boxes with scissors, punches, sand, you can not think of it so crazy. Together with my mother and my sister we prepared the stationary of my mother to proportional size. Even CDs and tea bags were not safe. Ah, there are definitely worse hobbies to think of.

One of my weaknesses

Even after I left home, studying is after all an unavoidable evil, the virus has not been resolved. Within no time, I had bought four big boxes of tea bags via Marktplaats in Arnhem to make cards. Evenings and weekends I sat on the floor in the living room between mountains of tea bags to search and sort everything. A true pleasure. All of that was not so bad, until I came across a crochet package once in a shop.

My first crochet project

My mother promised me that she would teach me during a weekend away in Leiden. We ended up at a special location on a houseboat where I awkwardly tried on the couch to fiddle a wire through a loop with a foolish hook. We laughed until we fell down, but I should and would finish that pillow. So I did, at Christmas that year, almost 7 months after the start. Then there followed a hippo, and an elephant and potholders and so much more. I made the bedspread in front of the bed with my parents while reading the articles for my graduation research.

Now the roles are reversed. My mother calls or apps me with questions about patterns and last year we went to a creative fair for the first time. And I even got her doing amigurumi. In the meantime my little apartment bulges with all kinds of yarns and my Pinterest account is flooded with photos of ideas that have to be worked out again.

I actually get my inspiration from everywhere. But I find it particularly interesting to combine exciting colors, calculating a new shape or using new and different types of yarn. Because hooks should be fun, but I think, if you buy a new pattern, a bit interesting. You must continue to learn. Because secretly, I always remain an academic with an insatiable curiosity.

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