Behind the CoCo Col

The patterns of Crocheticipation are not just patterns. The designs have a story and a background. In this series we look at the story behind the patterns. Where do they come from and why should not the pattern and therefore the product made be missing in your collection? Today the first in the series: the CoCo Col. A wonderfully tight pattern made with 1 ball of yarn.

I am a Virgo, or Virgo is my constellation. Not that I’m actively shouting that out everywhere, except that I wear a small image of it around my neck. And I do not do horoscopes at all – maybe that’s why I have not met my other half and I should give it a try. But that is for another time. Anyway, sometimes you read, hear or learn more about the features of constellations. So Virgo’s seem to be rather perfectionistic. Well, there is nothing to get in the way of that.

I crochet tight and neat. I can not stand it if something is sloppy or does not go straight. For example, I reluctantly finished a pillow this afternoon, while it was actually half sloping. And in the coming days, I will almost disassemble another one to tie it neatly together again. If it does not want to be neat, then it doesn’t need to be at all. My preference is therefore always for patterns that are a bit tight. Then you can also really crochet them and there is hardly any difference between the first and last stitch.

With a ball received from Pera & Pasha on the KreaDoe last spring on the lap, I flipped through the crochet bible. On the eve of a trip to Southern Africa, I sat with my parents at the kitchen table and that’s how I got the idea for the pattern. Nice and tight and to my surprise it quickly disappears. The only problem was that I hardly had time and peace of mind to work on it, something that hardly happens to me.

That brought up a problem anyway, because of course I could not go home with an unfinished project. So the hours on the plane, the journey was long enough, were to be granted to this project. That did treat me to weird looks from the cabin crew. I had just found my crocheting turbo and the steward was looking around so surprised at how my fingers were working hard. “It must be finished today?” He asked. Yes, I said. And a little less than four hours later, with another five hours of waiting time until the next flight and the entertainment, it was finished. For me that is an important condition of projects that go with me on my travels, you do not have to think too much about the pattern. And oh yes, it is inevitable that you should at least do a few rows again because it was actually too late or you were doing too many other things during crocheting. And even being a woman, I have to acknowledge my limits from time to time.

Better sooner than later, because after the next flight it turned out that in London it was 30 degrees colder than in Victoria Falls where we came from. Then the col turned out to be small but nice. The acrylic feels practically like cotton and is therefore wonderfully airy but also warm when needed. And it turned out that it also fit perfectly with the shirt that I was wearing. Well, there’s a first for everything.

Download the pattern in January 2019 for free in the webshop.

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