About Crocheticipation

It is almost a year since Crocheticipation was officially founded. A milestone, perhaps, but at the same time there is so much going on, that all the years that are going to come should be even better. Still, it seems like a good time to reflect on who we are and what we do.

First the facts. I am Lara: 26 happy young years. Debate trainer, (over) enthusiastic hobby cook, creative with tea bags, wool and fabrics, and, if I have time left, a good book. In the summer of 2018 I quit my job to follow my heart and do nice things. That is besides being a debate trainer and a speaker coach, especially includes crocheting and designing, the idea of ​​Crocheticipation has been in my head for a long time and now suddenly there was time.

A few years ago I did an internship in Bolivia on the edge of the Andes. Before I started my actual assignment, I did volunteer work for a month on a farm. Just because I could, but mainly because I had to get used to the altitude (I have been to 4000 meters above sea level) and to the culture of the country. At the farm I was mainly engaged in horse therapy for handicapped children. The family used the income from the regular lessons to pay for the therapy to a large extent. Due to the lack of care for these children, many parents are forced to stay at home, also because the children often can not or only to a limited extent attend school. Crochet is (I also did not know) very popular and well known in Bolivia as well. The idea arose to give the women there material that would then by them be made into products that could be sold again. From the income the families could do just that extra what was needed. The idea has always remained in my mind, and so I finally came up with the idea to start ‘Crocheticipation’.

I know, the name is a hell to pronounce. But I think it is exactly the essence of what we want to achieve over time. Namely use crochet for a participatory society (participation), or actually simply put to help people. If they can use their time and skills to help themselves. Why should not I be able to do that too?

The foundation now has the foundation. The first patterns are online and the mission and vision are on the shelf for the final adjustments. So it’s time to do a lot of good things. Do you know small-scale, local organizations that are in for adventurous ways to raise publicity and perhaps some money? Then I would like to get in touch with them! Have them send a message to crocheticipation@gmail.com.

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