All rabbits unite!

That I am a huge fan of rabbits should no longer be a surprise if you know our wonderful office manager. And so Easter must be on the top of my list as a bank holiday. Yes it certainly does. But mainly because I also like croissants which almost has become a tradition during the Easter breakfast. In the meantime, there is no Easter branch in the room anymore and the Easter breakfast is just like any other breakfast consisting of yoghurt with muesli. But crocheting for Easter to decorate my house is still a great excuse. So here is a blog about how the hares go about Easter and whether the egg or the chicken came first.

First, let’s talk about Easter. Such as several holidays during our year with an origin in religion where we celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ. Yet we do not see any cakes and sandwiches in the shape of thorn wreaths. The Easter bunny comes surprisingly from a completely different background. The Germanic goddess Eostre was responsible for the weather and, according to mythology, sent the different seasons into the world on time. Nowadays, she seems to have changed her working hours, it seems, but even then she overslept. As a result, spring came too late for a small bird that hoped over the earth with lame wings. But Eostre was always in for creative solutions and turned the bird into a hare so that it could live a nice life. And once a year it can now lay eggs, just like the distant ancestors.

And speaking of eggs, they come from the Christian festival. Easter announces the end of Lent. During this period, meat, eggs and butter and the like are traditionally not eaten. The story goes that the chickens kept laying eggs during this period. The first day after the fasting period was therefore a good opportunity to use the large supply of eggs. At the same time, eggs are also seen as a symbol of fertility. Whether that applies to the country or to the people, I would not dare say – I have not done research into grain yields and the busyness of midwives in the post-Easter period.

So, the best preparation for Easter apart from cholesterol-lowering drugs is by using needle and thread. If you do not have a bouncing four-legged friend, crochet then this hare is your potential new house mate from Ravelry. Lovely to crochet and I can say from experience that it is even better to dive on the couch or to cuddle in bed. And in the classic and indispensable category, Snuf Konijn from Stip & Haak cannot be missed either. Then I know for sure that it will be a happy Easter. Do you want to be there when the chickens are there? Consider an egg apron to conveniently carry all your eggs to and from the kitchen. Whether they come from the chicken coop or from the shopping bag. I can, however, recommend that you do not put them in raw. At least if you are as clumsy as me. Do you prefer to go for the safer option? Then simply crochet these egg warmers in the shape of hare. Safe, cheerful and really something for spring.

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