Dear pansies, thank you for your colours

“Roses are red, violets are blue. I love you. ”This is probably and the most used rhyming phrase ever. I dare to bet quite some money on that. Yet on Valentine’s Day the roses are five times as expensive and you are very likely to be rejected when you arrive with a bowl of violets. At least normally. My father would make you particularly happy with such a bowl. And maybe even more than with a bunch of roses, me too. Since I don’t have a great relationship with plants, they probably survive longer than those roses – which I don’t get either. And on top of that, violets can be found in many more and more beautiful color combinations. All the more reason to write a blog about it.

By the way, first to come back to the beginning, violets are by no means the symbol of love for everyone. In fact, Shakespeare, whom I would almost dare call the king of love, saw them as a symbol of death. That is, if they were mentioned in the plays then it was usually just before or after a character had found a tragic death. Although the latter may not be very difficult if you are a bit familiar with Shakespeare’s pieces.

But although we always talk about “violets” in a general sense, there is a wide variety. Of course we know the long rows of planters at the garden center filled with practically every conceivable color combination. But did you know that in many cases these are actually just a few of the many (read, 400+!) types of violets that exist? The multitude of colors is because a lot has been crossed within the species, resulting in natural and spontaneous discolorations. The growers gratefully make use of this, resulting in an amazing combination of colors in our garden. Whether they are large or you have just found a place for the smaller forest violets, the colors attract attention anyway.

And that is especially the nice thing about violets, they are colorful almost all year round. That is, as long as it does not freeze, the flower continues to bloom. So even though the plant can cheer up your garden for only 1 season, it is a long season. And as far as I’m concerned there is nothing more fun and cheerful than to see a collection of violets in every possible color combination. A cup of tea and some sun and for the time being I am sweet.

With only a small balcony at my disposal – which I also have no view of from the couch – the colorful fields are not an option for me. And because even my embroidery of pansies on the windowsill does not completely cover the desire, I design a plant pot with pansies. So not only do I have a fun crochet project, but now I also have a little extra color at home.

Do you also want to get started? The pattern can be found via the link below and to celebrate spring on sale until the end of May.

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