A day at the beach


Whether you associate the beach with long walks in the winter, with wild waves that are unpredictable or with long vacations in the hot sand – it always has something. This scarf is inspired by my memories of deep blue sea, foamy surf, the yellow sand and the marram grass in the dunes. Simple to crochet but all the nicer to wear.



When I was little, my summers were filled with sand, sea and salt. As soon as the sun was out of her morning mood, we jumped and packed on the bike. A day with scrubbing during the smearing of sunscreen, digging holes when the flood came up and always exactly jellyfish when you finally dared to go for a swim in the sea. Although nowadays my impatience prevents me of spending more than on hour on the beach, butterflies are all over my stomach at the sound of the surf and my toes want to dig into the sand.

These memories inspired the colors and pattern of this scarf. From deep blue sea, through the light surf to the sand and marram grass in the dunes. Enjoy making it, but wear more of it. That you can experience many beautiful things together!

This crochet pattern has been designed by Crocheticipation. The returns of the sold products are beneficiary to different small-scale initiatives worldwide that have been selected and visited by the designer personally. For more information about the projects, please visit the Facebook page of Crocheticipation. It is not allowed to multiply, copy or sell this pattern, nor to translate or share it without previous permission of the designer. The products made with this pattern may be sold and shared, though Crocheticipation should be mentioned as the designer of the pattern.

When you buy this product, you will get direct access to the digital library to download the pattern. There you can choose for the English written pattern (UK and US terminology), or the Dutch. You can make a download twice, the download page will be available indefinitely however – mind you downloading can only be for your own use. Have you lost the pattern and don’t know how to access the downloads or no downloads left? Let us know.


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