CoCo Col pattern


The ideal pattern for travels. Just one ball of yarn, 300 meters of pure joy and no cutting in between. Perfect for travels to a warm country – great for wearing on your way back.



There are few shapes that we in a certain way consider as being perfect. For example circles, with which we can, if we know only a few details, with the help of formules calculate a full series of characteristics. Or we still wonder how ancient nations like Tiwanaku and Inca could make perfectly shaped building blocks, something we can’t re-create even with currently existing knowledge. In short, there is something magical with rectangles and circles, a great start for a pattern I’d say.
With just one ball of yarn, in my case Katia Saigon  (100 grams and 300 meters, but you can take anything similar of course), you can make this nice polo-neck shawl. You can choose yourself how wide or small and how long or short you want to take it. Do keep in mind that any change made to the pattern may result in a different amount of yarn needed. If you use another size needles, you may have the same effect. It will also alter the appearance of the shawl. But I think that is a great outcome most of the time.
The name of the pattern comes from my former neighbor. “CoCo-col; it is cool (Co) because of the open pattern, and comfortable (Co) for it falls nice and loose”.


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