Polish Turtleneck


Looks aren’t all the charm. This turtleneck may look complicated, making it a tireless job. And you’ll surprise everyone with the result.



Eastern Europe is a forgotten part of Europe for many. The gray concrete buildings from the Soviet era are seen by few as inspiring. And as a tourist? Well, if you’ve seen one then you’ve seen them all. Yet nothing is less true. From about 1955, socialist modernism emerges. Away from grand concrete blocks, which stand out in nothing or give any attention to the individual. To creative constructions. For example, in Romanian Bucharest, Moldovan Chisinau and Belarusian Minsk adorn architectural delights. With the distinctive feature of curved and braided lines, although (still) made out of concrete. This pattern is a reference to that forgotten and recognized architecture.

The pattern consists of crochet loops that are eventually woven together. This creates a misleading and apparent complicated pattern. The combination of two yarns gives you nice structures that each add something to the look of the final turtleneck. And now say for yourself, does everything become more beautiful and finer with a bit of wool and silk?


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