Summer sunflowers


Sunflowers are summer, the ray of sunshine in the house, even on cloudy days. This crocheted version of the photogenic flowers may not turn with the sun, but is still wonderful to crochet. And with a simple glance at the end result, your day will be great again.



Sunflowers are special. For many, they symbolize the summer when they collectively turn their yellow cups with the sun for long days. The large yellow fields that in turn watch with interest how in the warm months the procession of cars from the North choose to descend southwards for relaxation and more sun.

These flowers radiate kindness and cheerfulness for me. Maybe because yellow is my favorite colour. Maybe because they are so smart and follow the sun. For whatever reason, they make the perfect subject for a summer game for me. That way you always have a little warmth and sunshine in your house.

The pot is made in the tapestry technique, which is explained extensively in the pattern. Of course you can also find a composition of colors and yarn yourself. There are tips is the pattern how you can tackle this.

If you buy this product, you will get immediate access to the digital download page. There you can choose from the Dutch or English pattern (UK and US terminology). You can download a document twice in total, the downloads remain valid indefinitely – this is only allowed for your own use. Have you lost the pattern and cannot access the downloads? Let us know.


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